Side Blogs: 
Music Major Fit♡ - heath, fitness, & well being; “fitspo”. Absolutely no thinspo! This blog consists of motivation for me to live a healthy lifestyle; I’d be lucky to have 3 followers, this blog is mainly used for posts that I can refer to.

Other Links:
♡I am willing to give out Twitter to those who want it! It’s a public account, and I’m sure I’m an annoying poster as I rant about work, insufferable coworkers, and feminism, while continuing to rave about things as simple as good weather, good coffee, and good music.

I am also willing to give out my Facebook to those who truly would find an interest! Facebook has become somewhat professional for me nowadays, what with me befriending all of my professors; I mainly post updates about my college/music life as well as photos. If that’s the sort of thing that interests you, throw me an ask!